Posted by: Naomi Bourne on 29.03.16 in Hobbies

Pilates is a great work out for skiers as its focus is on core strength, balance & flexibility. Hopefully you have done a little bit of prep if you are hitting the slopes over the Easter break as it makes great demands on your body but even a little bit of stretching at the end […]

Posted by: Naomi Bourne on 14.02.16 in Recipes

So, marshmallows. This is how normally egg-free marshmallows are made but worth trying the same recipe with vege-gel sachets and hoping to try them with agar-agar, a seaweed gelling agent. 24g powdered gelatine (2 sachets) + 1/4 cup water 140g liquid glucose (or corn syrup) 3/4 cups caster sugar 1/2 cup water 2tsp vanilla extract […]

Posted by: Naomi Bourne on 06.02.16 in Recipes

I am not an evangelical juicer & when I bought my juicer it stayed in its box for 6 months. However once I got it out & dusted it down I have made it a habit (not daily!) maybe 2 or 3x a week & maybe more if I feel like I could be getting ill. […]

Posted by: Naomi Bourne on 28.01.16 in Recipes

Veronica is a Cordon Bleu trained chef who loves cooking paellas, making éclairs, eating all of the above, and doing Pilates. She is the loveliest of people & her food is DIVINE!! Yum Yum soup 🙂 1 heaped tbsp of tom yum paste (or more, to taste) 500 ml of chicken stock * Any leafy […]

Posted by: Naomi Bourne on 20.01.16 in Recipes

I love soup & a bowl of homemade soup instantly makes feel more energised & healthier, perfect for this time of year. I’m sharing my all time favourite French Watercress soup handed down from my mum who often made it for Friday night dinner when I was growing up. You can make it super indulgent […]