Guest book

  • Over the past year, Naomi has kept our sessions interesting, varied and stretching (sorry!) – building strength & fitness from the inside out. I highly recommend candlelight pilates as an antidote to a stressful week, and echo previous comments about how well she tailors the sessions to our varying abilities and/or health issues. She is an inspirational teacher!

  • Loving the new website and really enjoying this terms classes with you. You explain all the moves so clearly and give very thorough demonstrations that are easy to follow. You make even the more complicated moves look effortless. After two terms with you I can really feel a difference. I’m a convert to Pilates and will definitely be booking for next term – bring on the 100s!!

  • I have been taking classes with Naomi for over a year now and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I always leave a class feeling rejuvenated and have noticed a real difference in my general health. Naomi is a truly inspiring teacher and the first person ever to have sparked a genuine enthusiasm for exercise in a hitherto confirmed couch potato!

  • Just home from a fabulous launch party for Naomi’s beautiful new studio! It looks absolutely amazing ! Can’t wait for class to start next week ! Xx

  • I started doing Pilates with Naomi after I had a stroke last year. I needed help particularly with coordination so Naomi tailored my sessions with that in mind.
    It has been a lovely way to recover, Naomi is a delight to work with, I am so much better

  • I started Naomi’s pilates class over a year ago and I can’t recommend it enough. I feel a real difference in my core strength; my shoulder and my back pain had completely disappeared. I had done many yoga and pilates classes over the last 15 years but I never experienced such a change in my body as I do now after attending Naomi’s class. For real effect, I recommend it at least twice a week. It is excellent for general fitness, any type of back pain, strengthening post pregnancy core muscles or just generally to feel well. Highly recommended to everybody…