To juice or not to juice!

Posted by: Naomi Bourne on 06.02.16 in Recipes
I am not an evangelical juicer & when I bought my juicer it stayed in its box for 6 months. However once I got it out & dusted it down I have made it a habit (not daily!)¬†maybe 2 or 3x a week & maybe more if I feel like I could be getting ill. Is it a worthwhile effort? Well for me it works, I instantly feel more energised & full & then don’t suffer that sugar crash that I would get from a sugary drink or snack. My eyes seem clearer & I feel more alert. As with everything you need to make a change into a habit to get the benefits & of course it’s a little more effort then making a cup of tea but I think there is enough evidence out there to support the positive claims. Also for me it’s a quick & efficient way of getting a variety of fruits & veg in one easy to drink glass & then not having to suffer the guilt of throwing a variety of spoiled fruit out after an over zealous shopping trip. I have a copy of Jason Vale’s ‘Juice Master’ from which I have adapted my own juice recipes. Below is my favourite juice recipe that has a little bit of veg in. I not sure I’ll ever be able to stomach a full vegetable one or a kale smoothie but this suits me, it’s palatable & makes me feel good ūüôā Happy juicing!
My feel good & energising juice ( get organic where possible)
1/2 Grapefruit – high in Vit C, lycopene in pink grapefruit has anti – tumour activity, cleanses the lymphatic system, natural fat burner
1 Apple Рgreat source of vitamins, fibre &  pectin which eliminates toxins in the intestines

1 Pear – vit B6, C, vit E, fibre, potassium & pectin as above

1 large carrot Рbeta carotene according to Jason Vale is the best cancer preventative
1 stick of celery Рreduces acidity, natural diuretic
1 piece of ginger ( as big as you like) antibiotic & decongestant & I take it a lot!
A few blueberries – anti – ageing/ lots of B vitamins
1 kiwi Рvit C & E Рcleanses & energises
A spoonful of wheatgrass or spirulina powder Рrich in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals & amino acids